globalFEST on the Road Creole Carnival


Location:University Park, PA

Venue:Eisenhower Auditorium

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Creole Carnival begins with the foundations of African music, adds a fusion of sounds from the Americas, and wraps it in the pre-Lenten festival celebrated globally as a favorite excuse to party. From Brazil (samba band Casuarina)—the superpower of Carnival celebration—to Haiti (inspirational singer-songwriter Emeline Michel) to Jamaica (soulful blues singer-guitarist Brushy One-String), Creole Carnival demonstrates how each country has its own fertile traditions of music, dancing, costumes, and cutting loose. globalFEST’s international trio of artists explore, expand, and upend notions of Carnival without losing sight of where magic and religious fervor intersect with soiree. During the last decade, globalFEST has grown from a New York City festival/showcase into a nonprofit service organization for curators, artists, and the performing arts field. globalFEST on the Road takes creatively programmed artist lineups to venues throughout the United States.

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