globalFEST Creole Carnival


Location:Oxford, OH

Venue:Miami U - The Pavilion

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From a small annual global music showcase in New York to the stages of Bonnaroo and SXSW, globalFEST has become one of the most dynamic musical events in the nation and an international phenomenon!

Now globalFEST is launching its first North American tour with a one-night mini-fest. Creole Carnival Tour honors the roots of African musical currents, crossed with a fusion of sounds from the Americas, and revolving around Carnival, the pre-Lent festival celebrated globally that’s everyone’s favorite excuse for a party. Creole Carnival shines the spotlight on Emeline Michel, the reigning Queen of Haitian song; Casuarina, a Brazilian samba combo; and Brushy One-String, a Jamaican one-string guitarist. Each country has its own rich traditions for music, dancing, costumes, and cutting loose. globalFEST’s international trio of artists, will explore, expand, and upend notions of Carnival, without losing sight of where magic and religious fervor intersect with a Brushy One-Stringmadcap, no-holds-barred soiree.


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