Release date: -Dec-2010

Label: Rise Up Entertainment, LLC

The King Of One String – Movie Trailer

  1. Chicken In The Corn
  2. Grey In My Blue
  3. Boom Bam Deng
  4. No Man Stop Me
  5. Going Down
  6. Another Song of Praise
  7. One String Play
  8. Me Know About Jamaica
  9. Life Is For Every Man
  10. Rise Up
  11. War & Crime
  12. Destiny
From the creators of RiseUp comes The King of One String, the soundtrack album to the short documentary about Andrew Chin, AKA “Brushy One String”. Filled with contagious acoustic performances by the artist, The King of One String is Brushy’s first release under the RiseUp label and it has been a chart-topper for the last 3 years on both the amazon and iTunes rankings. Guaranteed to sooth souls and rough hearts the sound of one string.

This acoustic album not only features all the songs in the film, but also many others, as well as his riveting first studio single entitled “Destiny,” which gave way to what was to come next, the mesmerizing DESTINY studio album.

*The documentary film is available on DVD at the RiseUp movie webstore: http://www.riseupmovie.com/Store.html

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