Release date: 01-Apr-2013

Label: Rise Up Entertainment, LLC

  1. Boom Bang Deng
  2. Grey In My Blue
  3. THey Are Going Down
  4. Life Is For Every Man
  5. One String Play
  6. Chicken In The Corn
  7. Destiny
  8. War & Crime

In Jamaica’s countryside, Brushy has honed an ability to craft both song and expression in a uniquely universal manner.  He uses a one-string guitar, but he is rhythm, beat and vocal at the same time, and the vocals are transcendental. What the listener hears is something else, other-worldly. He is legendary in Jamaica, a place known for music, but for the rest of the people on earth, his songs have now started to spawn cover versions and millions of new ‘viewer-listeners’ every year. ‘Destiny’ is the culmination of a ten-year journey Brushy has taken with Director/Producer Luciano Blotta, and its results, with the musical direction of Argentinian veteran musician and producer Ricardo Tapia, will likely endure many more decades. By the way, almost everything you hear on this album was done in one take. The only thing better than listening to this album is seeing him play these songs live, either at his shows or on his many YouTube viral videos.

Album Reviews

It’s impossible to summarize Jamaica’s Brushy One-String without doing the man a gross disservice. He sings and plays guitar, and the guitar has a single low E string, and that’s it. Saying “that’s it” is like saying that Alexander the Great was this guy who like, won some battles and stuff. Fact is, Brushy is an astonishingly soulful performer whose warm-molasses voice carries a hefty emotional punch and whose single-string guitar riffs are surprisingly hypnotic (and yeah, he does get a little backup here and there). Jaunty album opener “Boom Bam Deng” sets the tone in terms of instrumentation and vocal approach, but it’s standout tunes like the hypnotic “Grey in My Blue”, the barn-burning “Destiny” and especially album closer “War & Crime”, with its deliberate tempo, irresistible chorus and heartbreaking vocal delivery, that elevate this far above novelty status and into the rarified realms of art. As with all true artists, Brushy is impossible to pigeonhole. There’s a fair dose of reggae vibes here, as well as plenty of folk, a bit of blues and a whole mess of soul, but it all melds together into a single tasty stew. Whether singing about social justice or mischievous chickens (“Chicken in the Corn”—it’s a great song), Brushy is the real deal, and his warm mellow pipes can be enjoyed by slackers and change-the-worlders alike. For once, you can believe the hype: Brushy One-String is unlike anybody else, and he’s awesome. Go listen.

David Maine – Pop Matters


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